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Achariya. Oh man. Achariya.net was one of the first blogs about SL I ever read, and I read it way before I even started playing! What an inspiration… the dedication to blogging almost every day, despite having a full first life. I only wish I could be so driven in the things I try, too. :P

You Are So Beautiful - Joe Crocker

I know I definitely get caught in the trap of “I really love this XXXXXX but everyone is wearing it so blogging it is dumb.” We should never feel that way, because we should blog what we love, whether it’s cool or not, or popular or not, or worn by someone else or not. Blogging, like fashion, is an expression of our inner selves, and our inner selves may sometimes look a little like someone else (just like our outter self) but it doesn’t mean it isn’t still valid and special. Achariya was an example of taking things that were simple and making them radical, of co-operating with other bloggers instead of competing, and she taught us that wearing the same damn thing was just damn fine. :P

So today I honor Achariya… the person who introduced me to Katat0nik, the clothes I lived in my entire first year in SL… the first person I saw wearing elf ears and hooves… my go to blog for tattoo stores and unique jewelry. The blog that first taught me how to add a background to a picture, and to inspire me to participate in blogger challenges to begin with. :) 

You too can participate in the current Same Damn Thing challenge, featuring the Schadenfreude Oxford Shirt which comes in many scrumptious colors. :)

Look 1:

Hair: Lover - Lamb
Ears: Baby Elf Ears - Cute Bytes
Skin: Arabell - Apple May Designs
Eyeliner: Tribal Liner - Damned
Shirt: Oxford Shirt - Schadenfreude
Corset: Sculpted Corset - Schadenfreude
Pants: Tyra Jeans - Luck Inc
Shoes: Baby T’s - Pixel Mode
Pose: Love Me Brutal @ Pose Fair

Look 2:

Hair: Mariposa - Truth
Ears: Baby Elf Ears - Cute Bytes
Skin Arabell - Apple May Designs
Makeup: Kitten Blush - Pig Love for Fundraiser @ The Deck
Sweater: Tailgate Sweater - Jane
Shirt: Oxford Shirt - Schadenfreude
Shorts: Paris Shorts - Toki Doki
Socks: Scrunched Socks - Maitreya
Shoes: Baby T’s - Pixel Mode
Pose: Atomic @ Pose Fair 

Yeah that’s us! I convinced my wifey to pose with me because we are so damn cute today, imo! +100 modesty xD There is some mild incestyness going on in my brain because we are wearing the same skin in the same tone, even. :P But we can work it! *strut

The Way I Am - Ingrid Michaelson

I love love love this song, but I couldn’t remember it for the life of me. This is for you wife. :P (I hate the music video so much I searched for one without it! It has CLOWNS! I frelling hate clowns, yo.)

I did some fun marketplace shopping this afternoon, and that shit is dangerous man. It’s somehow way, way easier to spend lindens there without a thought! I don’t have anything else to say, so, let me ask Snowy if she wants to add something:

i like toitles 

And there you have it folks.

On Buffy:

Hair: Lover - Lamb
Skin: Linnea - LAQ
Eyes: Spring Eyes - Insufferable Dastard
Ears: Gaia - Southpaw
Necklace: Memory Collector - Whippet & Buck
Jacket: Victoria Vest - Jane
Shirt: Silk Gauze Dress (top only) - Fishy Strawberry
Skirt: Aragon Skirt - Fishy Strawberry
Anklets: Rose Vine Anklet - FireStorm Creations
Feet: Bare Feet Medium - SLink 

On Snowy:

Hair: Uma - Maitreya
Skin: Linnea - LAQ
Eyes: Fairy Eyes - Negaposi
Necklace: Trees All Over - Undefined Lilies
Dress: Lucille Oh’doll - Fishy Strawberry
Faun Parts: Illusory

Doing slurls is so tedious, one o’ you better click em! Yeah, you!

April Showers - Sugarland

My outfit today is inspired by the recent rainy weather that has kept us Southern Californians on our toes these past few weeks. ^^ Spring has definitely sprung, and with it have come many springy storms. 

I love this new skirt from Tokidoki, though admittedly it took some time for me to fit it. It doesn’t come with a pants/glitch layer, rather it comes with an alpha layer to make your butt, hips and upper thighs go bye bye - no more skirt shape needed! It’s a great idea which would be much greater if I could wear multiple layers. :P

I don’t want to dwell too much on this skin because, well, everyone is gushing about it, what else do I need to say? :P Other than, love it!!

I was also super thrilled to find these shoes in the Anexx store, they originally came out… I want to say Designers United 2009 (can it really have been that long? maybe it was early 2010) which I didn’t even go to. Ever since I have seen them occasionally on blogs and lusted after them with a fierceness that frightens even mother lions defending cubs. :P So now they are at the store in multiple colors, sadly black is not included… Which I totally get, it having been an exclusive for DU. The one complaint I have about these shoes is that they are no mod and have invisiprims. Lame! I’d like the option at least, especially for 350 smackaroos. That being said, it worked out well for me in this outfit due to the Tokidoki skirt dealie. :P

I’ve got time on my hands, and hope in my heart…

Hair: Carina - Truth
Skin: Linnea (+ LAQ breast dehancer) - LAQ
Eyes: Spring Eyes - Insufferable Dastard
Earrings: Pearls & Birds - Undefined Lilies
Necklace 1: Diamond Solitaire - Caroline’s Jewelry
Necklace 2: De Olde Goodes - Undefined Lilies
Jacket: Quilted Green Lucky Board item - S@bbia
Nails: Pastel Nail Polish - Rezipsa Loc
Shirt: Silk Top for PCF - Izzie’s
Skirt: Belt Skirt - Tokidoki
Shoes & Socks: Loafer Pumps - Anexx
Poses: Posebunny (that’s me! xD) 

Super quick post before to tell you about this new necklace and skin I got that I love love love. xD

The skin is Kia, new from Mynerva. For just 4 days (3 now) it is on sale for 300 L per tone, and that is less than 50% of the actual price it will go to on Saturday! :) It comes with 3 cleavage types including a tiny bust, pictured, woot! 

The necklace is from Undefined Lilies, and is so adorable I had to fatpack AND get the freebie. The freebie is shown in the top corner of this image, and I am wearing #4. :)

This pose is a dollarbie from my new store. And now I am in danger of becoming late for work, oh no! more SLURS to be added later. :P

Necklace: Undefined Lilies
Skin: Mynerva

Hair: Lamb
Vest: Grixdale (PCF) 
Shirt: Izzie’s (PCF) 
Tattoo: made by me!
Pose: posebunny dollarbie 

I never get tired of “reasoning with vampires”  xD

I never get tired of “reasoning with vampires”  xD

(Source: reasoningwithvampires)

It’s been a long long bloody long time since I’ve done a skin review. I haven’t felt inspired to do one for one thing, and for another, since I was guest in the home of another as far as blogging went, I didn’t feel I should break from the format of that blog or use it as my own personal soapbox, as I am given to do when blogging on my own. :P

Carry Out - Timbaland ft Justin Timberlake Do I ever get tired of this song? No!

I really love love love this skin! I’ve bought every League skin since the first (which was actually the first thing I blogged as a “serious blogger” back in 2009. 2009 was the year I learned about hi res snapshots and Photoshop… I blogged prior to that but it doesn’t bear thinking of. :P

Every skin release from League is a vast improvement over the last, not to say that the last one wasn’t also great… it’s just wonderful to see a skin creator evolve but still keep their trademarks (for example, the strong brows and unique lip shading I associate with League skins). I love the vast array of skin tones offered. The body shading is very pretty, not too much highlighting, no visible seams, no dirty looking gray bits. I also love the many makeup options, and the fatpack options too - you have your choice of 2 sets or one big big fatpack, and while they are spendier than say, Curio or Laq, they are definitely still a good value. I only bought my 3 favorite makeups, because I know myself and I am boring, as far as makeup goes. :P

These photos haven’t been edited aside from borders, sizing and shadows, so what you see here is what you get from Sia in world. And hey, another benefit of my own blog is I can make the pix as damn big as I want and not feel too terrible about it. :P Please click through to Flickr for full size. 

So now, I will say there are a few things I’d like to see the League creator consider adding some day. Small cleavage, for one. My avatar has small breasts at this time, and the undershading is very strong, especially considering my breast gravity is quite low, so the breasts are small and high which really draws attention to the shading. Luckily I don’t spend a lot of time purposefully naked (we won’t mention the accidental nakedness that frequently occurs… >.>)! Another thing I’d like to see is blonde brows offered ON the skin itself, like she did with her prior releases. I love tattoo layers, don’t get me wrong. Unfortunately I can’t really function on any of the viewers that allow multi-layering, so I can only choose one. :x I know I’m not alone in this!

Minor complaints aside, I give this skin 5 ponies. Ponies being a far superior unit of measurement as compared to stars, or thumbs. Or whatever. :P

Sia comes with several options, including freckles (shown), hairbase, and cleavage. The tone shown in these photos is Pale, with the default brows. Makeups shown are Champage, HotPink, and Classic. 

Hair: Details - Elikatira
Skin: Sia - League
Necklace: Diamond Solitaire (Lazy Sunday) - Caroline’s Jewelry
Bra & Panties: Striped Satin (FFL)* - Pididdle 
Pose: Exposeur for PCF* 

*Fashion For Life
*Pacific Crisis Fundraiser

Hello and welcome to my tumblog! Trying my hand at solo blogging for myself again, let’s see how it goes. :) Lots of what I’m wearing below is from Fashion for Life or the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser, and will be noted.

Meet Me Halfway - Black Eyed Peas

Anything listed below that is from FFL or PCF is not available in the store, though I have included the store slurl, in case you want to check out their stuff. :)

Fashion For Life
Pacific Crisis Fundraiser 

Look 1

Hair: Hye (FFL) - Elikatira
Skin: Sterre - Dutch Touch
Eyes: Sunrise (FFL) - Fashism
Necklace: Hope (PCF) - Statique.
Tattoo: Made by me :P
Shirt: Crossover Top (PCF) - DCNY
Pants & Belt: Business Pants (PCF) - Izzie’s
Boots: Secret Boots (FFL) - Elikatira
Pose: posebunny (that’s me!) for PCF

Looks 2

Hair: Sakura (PCF) - Exile
Skin: Sia - League
Eyes: Sunrise (FFL) - Fashism
Necklace & Earrings: Douce (PCF) - Je Suis
Shirt: Mystic Blouse - Jane
Shorts: Renew Cutoffs - Jane
Shoes: Swell Sneaks - Reek
Pose: Adorkable for PCF